Day 2

Colostrum is enough

Moms begin making colostrum about halfway through their pregnancy. Some moms don’t notice colostrum, but it’s there. Colostrum is very thick and concentrated. Babies only need a small amount at a time because their tummy is so small.

If baby is latching to mom’s breast and suckling, he is able to remove colostrum. Babies are much better at removing colostrum than moms or pumps. A couple spoonfuls of colostrum will fill the baby’s tummy on the 2nd day.

Babies who are getting enough colostrum will poop! Colostrum is like a laxative. One poop on the 1st day, and 2 poops on the 2nd day indicates that baby is getting colostrum from mom’s breast.

Babies who are not latching well on the 2nd day need to be given mom’s colostrum. Mom should hand express and offer colostrum using a small spoon or syringe after each time baby tries to breastfeed.  The hospital Lactation Consultant or nurse can teach moms how to hand express, if needed.

Mom’s milk comes in on day 3, just when baby’s tummy is big enough for it. Giving baby too much milk on the 1st and 2nd day is unhealthy for baby and increases his risk of obesity later.




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