Day 3

Infant weight loss

All babies lose weight until mom’s milk comes in on day 3. If baby is breastfeeding well on day 1 and 2, the weight loss probably won’t exceed about 7% of baby’s birth weight.

Weight loss greater than 7% may indicate that baby isn’t breastfeeding effectively yet. A Lactation Consultant can access the situation, determine if there is a concern, and assist, as needed.

Babies should have a weight check on day 4 if there are any concerns with weight loss on day 3. Once mom’s milk is in, baby should not lose any additional weight, and should begin to gain about 1 ounce per day or 5 ounces per week during the next 3-4 months.

The milk comes in

Mom’s will notice their breasts are heavier and fuller on day 3, sometimes even before then. Moms who don’t experience breast changes by 72 hours after delivery should consult with their Lactation Consultant.

Gulping milk

Once mom’s milk is in, she will begin hearing her baby swallow milk. The baby will probably breast feed just as often as he did on day 2, but some of the feedings may be shorter because of the increase in mom’s milk volume.

Pumping for comfort

Mom may notice that there is more milk in her breast than the baby needs. If mom is uncomfortable between breast feedings, she can pump her breasts for just long enough to feel comfortable.



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