Second Night Syndrome

Second Night SyndromeIMG_5538 2

New parents should limit visitors on the 2nd day and rest as much as possible so that they are ready for what some call second night syndrome. Second night syndrome is completely normal, but completely exhausting for new parents.

On day 2, babies begin to wake up and realize they are no longer in their mommy’s tummy.  They tend to get really upset if they aren’t close to mom, and they practice breast feeding a lot, especially on the 2nd night.

During the 2nd night, babies cluster feed. This means that they feed over and over for several hours. Parents who are not prepared for this tend to think that their baby is hungry and not getting full from breastfeeding. These parents are more likely to supplement with formula.

The truth is, cluster feeding on night 2 is important. It reduces mom’s risk of engorgement and helps ensure she has a good supply of milk later. The colostrum in mom’s breast is enough for her baby, and a healthy full term baby who is latching well does not need to be supplemented.


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