Before your first day back

Begin bottle training when your baby is around 4-6 weeks old. Babies are usually good breast feeders by this age, but still young enough to accept a bottle.

  • choose a time of day that your baby is happy.
  • pump your breasts and leave the room while someone else feeds your baby (your baby is more likely to take a bottle if you are not around).
  • one bottle every other day is usually often enough for baby to learn to bottle feed.

Begin pumping to build your milk supply 2 weeks before returning to work.

  • pump both breasts with an electric pump for 15 minutes after the 1st and 2nd breastfeeding of the morning.
  • store the milk in freezer using breast milk storage bags to maximize space in your freezer ( 2 oz per bag to begin with and no more than 4 oz per bag later).

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