Cluster feeding

Frequent or constant feedings during a block of time, usually at night, when baby is having a growth spurt. Usually lasts 1-3 days.

IMG_5538 2It’s not unusual for moms to worry when their baby has a growth spurt. If moms aren’t prepared for them, their first thought may be “what happened to my milk?” or “my baby is starving.” Too often, moms mistake cluster feeding, which happens during a growth spurt, as a sign that they don’t have enough milk for their baby.

Unfortunately, some babies are supplemented with formula during growth spurts because of mom’s concern over the unexpected increase in their baby’s appetite. Moms who know what’s happening are less likely to supplement because they know it’s normal.

Remember, supply and demand is responsible for the amount of milk in your breasts. Your milk supply increases when your baby demands more milk.


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