DIY-how to make a no-sew baby wrap carrier

Boba Wrap Oasis

  1. Purchase six yards of stretchy fabric. Jersey knit is a great option because its machine washable, pretty durable, and won’t fray at all on the ends. It’s also widely available and pretty affordable, too! If you’re petite, you might only need four yards of this fabric. You’ll be able to judge the right amount based on your body size, but it’s always best to buy extra and trim off as needed.
  2. Wash and dry your fabric before you get started.
  3. Stretch your fabric out completely along the floor and fold it in half down the middle so that you have one long, thinner piece of fabric.
  4. The short end of your fabric should be at least 25” long after this step.
  5. Cut down the long, folded edge of the fabric to create two separate pieces. You don’t have to be too careful about this as long as you don’t make one piece significantly more tapered than the other!
  6. Try the wrap on without the baby first. If it seems too long, cut off the extra length. Be careful to only cut off a few inches at a time so you don’t risk having to sew it back on again!
  7. Tie the wrap as you normally would and test it out with your baby. You’re ready to go.

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