Online Breastfeeding Classes

As a hospital-based Lactation Consultant, I can always tell which patients attended breastfeeding classes and which didn’t. It really does make a difference. New parents who participated in prenatal breastfeeding classes, specifically those taught by a Lactation Consultant with real experience working on a Labor and Delivery unit, are more relaxed on day one. They are more likely to ask for help without getting frustrated and feel more in control of the first days with their new baby.
Over and over, I hear new parents say that they planned to attend breastfeeding class, but they ran out of time or there wasn’t a class offered in their area. Fortunately, there is a great online option for parents-to-be who need the flexibility of learning on their own time. Lactation Link offers a variety of online breastfeeding classes, including classes designed to prepare moms for pumping and returning to work. Classes are taught by Lindsey Shipley, an experienced IBCLC who breastfed her own children.  Like me, Lindsey has worked on a Labor and Delivery unit helping real moms and babies.  Click here to check out her classes:  Lactation Link online Breastfeeding Classes

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