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Weight gain card sets

Moms love to track their baby’s weight gain and intake, and knowing that their baby is gaining well reduces the risk of supplementation or early weaning.

This tool is highly functional and a wonderful keepsake. Cards are 4″ x 4.25″ double-sided, heavy stock with educational breastfeeding messages. The cover card records baby’s name, birth date, and birth weight and each weight check card records 2 Baby Cafe weight check visits. Cards can be purchased in sets or a la carte. All prices include shipping.

For questions regarding orders or customizations, email Lisa at:

Watch me grow: Butterflies and Flowers

Set of 50- Butterflies and Flowers

Includes: 50 cover cards, 50 "expected weight gain" cards, 50 silver rings, 15 "rule of 5" cards, 15 "when to start solids" cards


Set of 100- Butterflies and Flowers

Includes: 100 cover cards, 100 "expected weight gain" cards, 100 silver rings, 25 "rule of 5" cards, 25 "when to start solids" cards


Set of 200- Butterflies and Flowers

Includes: 200 cover cards, 200 "expected weight gain" cards, 200 silver rings, 50 "rule of 5" cards, 50 "when to start solids" cards


Set of 500- Butterflies and Flowers

Includes: 500 cover cards, 500 "expected weight gain" cards, 500 silver rings, 125 "rule of 5" cards, 125 "when to start solids" cards


A la carte items:

100 Double-sided weight check cards

Record 4 weight checks on one card. Great for moms that come for multiple weight checks.


100 of any single card

email Lisa at with specific card request


Logo on Cover card

Logo can be added to bottom, right corner. Email logo to