Low Milk Supply


Breastfeeding is part of the pregnancy cycle. Mom’s milk supply is supposed to increase and change along with her new baby’s growth and development needs. But there are times when mom’s medical history, her labor and delivery experience, or even her new baby can impact her milk supply.

Most moms are able to make enough milk to feed their baby; however, milk supply concerns are very common. An IBCLC can help eliminate any worries about milk supply and can also assist with correcting many breastfeeding issues that compromise milk production.

There is a small percentage of mothers with true milk insufficiency. The realization that attempts to increase the supply haven’t worked can be devastating to moms. During this time it’s so important to remember that breastfeeding is more than nutrition. It’s a relationship between a mother and her baby.

If baby is able to breastfeed but there is not enough milk available, an SNS can be used to supplement with donor milk or formula to keep baby feeding at the breast. An IBCLC can provide instructions for using an SNS and resources for support with the feelings that are normal during this time.