Preparing to breastfeed

“the days are long, but the years are short”

Pregnancy is such a busy and exciting time. Although the days seems to drag on and on, and moms-to-be think they will be pregnant forever, I often hear from them after they deliver that they ran out of time and never got to a breastfeeding class.

Pregnancy is the time to make your breastfeeding plan. Take a breastfeeding class. Talk with friends and family who met their breastfeeding goals. Ask them where they found help and support when they needed it. Discuss your personal breastfeeding goals with those around you and encourage them to learn about breastfeeding with you.

Talk with your health care providers and those who will attend to your new baby after delivery. Make sure they are all aware of your breastfeeding plan and prepared with resources to help you meet your goal. And, deliver in a Baby-Friendly Hospital, if one is available in your area. Baby-Friendly hospitals are filled with staff who have had breastfeeding-specific education so that they are prepared to support and assist you and your baby with breastfeeding.

Best wishes